Assessing our design and environmental effects

WPL’s proposals for the Wrexham Energy Centre have been assessed for its effects on:

  • The local environment
  • Likely significant environmental effects on
    • - Socio-economic conditions
    • - Traffic and transport
    • - Air quality
    • - Noise and vibration
    • - Landscape and visual
    • - Ecology
    • - Cultural heritage
    • - Ground conditions
    • - The water environment
    • - Waste
    • - Land Use & Agriculture
    • - Health, Safety & Security
    • - Cumulative effects
  • Views of the Wrexham Energy Centre from the surrounding area
  • The construction of the Wrexham Energy Centre
  • Ongoing operation and maintenance of the Wrexham Energy Centre

WPL’s completed assessments and proposed mitigation measures are presented in our Environmental Statement (ES). We produced a Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR) and its Non-technical Summary (NTS), both of which can be downloaded from our Library section of this website. The PEIR and NTS were important documents that provided the information necessary to allow the community to give us informed consultation responses during our statutory consultation.


Indicative view

The following view does NOT show the proposed landscape mitigation for the Wrexham Energy Centre. This view is provided to show how the Wrexham Energy Centre would look without the proposed mitigation, in a 'worst case' scenario.

A view of the WEC from the B5130, near Ridley Wood Road